Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy birthday!

Dear Dan,

Happy birthday, my man! I celebrate the day you were born even if you are no longer here. This is a day that should be marked with parades and confetti; cake and festivities. And you should be here to lead the parade.

As a kid, you always loved your birthday. During your grade school years, mom used to bake cakes and bring them to school. I remember the turtle cake she baked. That was a particular hit. I, however, wasn't allowed to partake. I don't think I was in school yet. Mom took me to your class with her, put the cake and plates, napkins, etc. down and we beat feet out. She baked a regular layer cake for home, but I really wanted a piece of that one.

I guess I'll just have to get a cake and eat it all by myself -- unless you'd like to drop by and join me. No? Dammit!

I love and miss you, bro.