Monday, October 25, 2010

PT Cruiser

Dear Dan,

Today I parked next to a PT Cruiser in the parking garage. Did I tell you I moved to the one closer to my building? Yep, I'm in garages and parking all the way up on the second or third floors! Woohoo! Big step for me, huh?

Anyway there was a PT Cruiser and I parked right next to it. It was the same blue as yours was. I was looking at it and thinking of you.

You were so proud of that car. It was one of the first PTs off the assembly line. People would cross several lanes of highway, just to pull up beside you and honk or take a picture. People crossed and stood in front of the car at red lights; then they didn't notice that the light turned green. Once a cop pulled up behind you and you thought you were going to get a ticket for impeding traffic. He just walked around the car and gave you the "thumbs up." Mom still talks about the two kids that offed you money to drive them home.

The Cruiser was the first car mom has been able to identify. Even now she screams, "There goes a red one!" -- or whatever color it happens to be.

I just sat there for a few minutes, next to the PT Cruiser, thinking of you.

I love you, bro.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wearing purple

Dear Dan,

As promised on Facebook, I'm wearing purple. In remembrance of those kids who committed suicide recently.

Truthfully, I'm also wearing it for you. Purple was never one of your favorites. I think it was aversion therapy from when I was little and everything had to be purple. You know the color I'm talking about -- the blue purple; not the red purple. I was so particular!

I can see you rolling your eyes and groaning "Purple. Did it have to be purple?"

So this purple is for you, bro.

I love and miss you!