Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never about the stuff

Dear Dan,

I've been looking through some of my stuff. It's been making me think about stuff in general and specifically the stuff we leave behind.

When you left, you left behind an entire house of stuff. Because to the "state of the estate" most of your bequests could not given out. Some were so small that it didn't make a difference to the estate and were solely sentimental bequests. Those went wherever they were meant to go.

I think about Harley and Brian. Harley was out of town. Brian went over and got some things out that you requested to go to specific people. Harley had to deal with most of the rest.

I was given photos that were on your refrigerator and some Brian had that you shot.

Harley had most of your house sitting in his garage for quite some time. I was so sorry I couldn't get out to KC to help him handle it all. But I was stuck in SC because of money and trying to handle things on this end.

I talked to Harley about a year ago and asked if he still had all your stuff in his garage. I think the poor man thought I was going to ask him for something. He very apologetically told me that most of it was gone; sold to settle the estate. All I was concerned about was that I would go to KC and help him hold a garage sale, if necessary.

So the stuff: I am overjoyed that I got the photo of you picking up the cookies from the floor. I talk to it/you a lot. The photo is in the kitchen -- appropriately, I think. Other than that, it's just stuff.

I think about some of the stuff and wonder what happened to it: the letter, response and obituary of Roger Chaffee, the Oscar fish you had mounted, some of the frogs. I remember the places you had them in the different apartments or houses where you lived. And I wonder, too about what is there now in those apartments and houses.

In the end, it's all just stuff. You aren't in the stuff; you aren't part of the stuff; you aren't remembered because of the stuff. You are in the hearts of the people you touched and you are remembered in the minds of the people who love you.

That's the way it is for all of us and the way it should be. I think I need to go clean out my stuff.

I love you and miss you, my brother.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Peachey's, Red's and Scott

Dear Dan,

See what you left me with?

Scott called last night and asked if I wanted to take mom to Brownie's for Mother's Day. He knew it wasn't Brownie's but he couldn't remember Red's.

Brownie's is the bar as you come down the mountain to Spring Mills. Mom and I stopped there once for lunch and tea. It wasn't bad for a bar that serves sandwiches. However, Red's is where mom spent a lot of time when she was growing up.

I tried giving Scott hints -- think primary colors, do you still watch the Red Green show -- but he wasn't getting it. This is what you left me to deal with??? j/k!

Peachey's burned Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The still don't know the cause but it's a total loss. They don't know if they will rebuild. Such a shame! I used to take mom over there once a month or so. There were all sorts of spices and old-fashioned candies you can only find there.

I got my chair over there a couple weeks ago. Mom and I went one day and I paid for it. A'ndi took me over in her jeep the next day to pick it up. One of the photos from the fire had several benches -- my chair as a double wide -- and I was thinking about how lucky I was to get it then.

So now I guess we take rides to Jack's Mountain and then lunch at Red's or The Whistle Stop.

But I will miss Peachey's.

Love ya, bro. Miss you all the time.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Remember Me" -- The Movie

Dear Dan,




What a wretched movie. Slow. In need of editing, better acting -- what the hell was up with Pierce Brosnen? -- and don't get me started on 9/11 ending! I felt that was totally contrived and being contrived made it hugely disrespectful.

Robert Patterson. Ugh. He wasn't very good in Goblet of Fire but at least he wasn't on screen much. Twilight was bad but I wasn't the target audience. He just isn't improving. Can the man do anything but brooding, young adult angst? Apparently not.

So this guy is writing to his brother who committed suicide. Fine. Tattooed his brother's name on his chest. Fine -- don't expect that from me, but fine.

Then it all goes terribly pear-shaped. I sat through the first love scene debating with myself what I should have for dinner. During the second one, my friend leaned over to me and asked if this was the longest movie I ever sat through.

Now I have to spend time apologizing to taking her to that movie for her birthday. Not a nice way to treat a friend, taking her to a movie like that!

The whole "just as things start to go well, he's in a Twin Tower at the time the plane hits" was a lit match thrown into gasoline moment for me. Do you have any doubts as to how I reacted to that?

I love you; I miss you. I wish we could discuss movies in person again. But if you can see movies wherever you are,  take a pass on "Remember Me."

Love ya, bro.