Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear Dan,

Last night I was watching "Wipeout." I could hear you laughing right alongside me. Since it was family night," of course I thought of us as a team competing. A) We'd laugh so hard we would have a tough time actually getting through the obstacle course or B) We'd be beating each other senseless for option A.

I'm betting on option A.

Then I watched "Shaq vs." One of the bits was boxing so of course I wasn't interested. The other part was Penn & Teller so of course I was! Again, I thought of you. After all, it was Penn & Teller. And it was Vegas, baby!!!

Now, the question is: There was so much you loved and laughed at, so wtf happened? Sorry. Same old question and still no answer.

Ah, well. You will give me an answer sometime in the years ahead.

Love ya, bro. I miss you