Friday, April 17, 2009

John Madden

Dear Dan,

John Madden has announced his retirement. It got me thinking about the times you and I would sit with mom while she was watching the Raiders. This was back during Madden's reign, Lyle's ripping people's lips off, and the Raider's general dirty playing/intimidation tactics.

We used to get such a laugh when you would have a minor rant about John Madden's general slovenliness on the sidelines. Every other coach was calm and collected, dressed in suits; while John was raging and snorting, disheveled and hair standing on end, coat open, neck of the shirt unbuttoned. He was in a state of disarray. You hated that! You used to be fine watching the game but would cringe over the coach.

In later years you liked listening to him broadcast from the booth but his appearance never quite met you standards.

Thinking back on that give me one more reason to smile.

Love ya bro.