Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cleaning stalls

Dear Dan,

The summer we spent at Flynn's working in the bard while they were away was one pretty cool summer for me. You were driving on a complete license - not a Cinderella - and mom was spending time in NJ.

In the morning we would decide if I would go along with you to the farm or stay home. My choice. In the evening the same was true if you were going to Stern's farm for a swim.

That was the summer of the Eastwood Farms "ghost" - poor ghost, I can't remember his name now. It started as a piece of mail sent to the farm for a name that no one knew. Somehow that turned into a ghost. Then the tricks began.

One day Dave dressed in a goofy shower cap and a long rain slicker to scare someone stacking hay. We could hear the screams all over the farm.

Then one day you decided to scare me while I was mucking stalls and grooming the aisle. I had finished raking the aisle and hooked up the hose to water it down. I couldn't hear you sneaking up behind me until you got almost to me. I didn't let on I knew you were there. You grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. I still had the trigger of the sprinkler pulled.

As you walked out soaking wet from the the barn to your partners in crime, you told them "I forgot she had a hose in her hand." You laughed so hard about that.

You had such a good sense of humor when it came to laughing at yourself.